Making The Right Decisions Isn’t Always Easy…or Right.

I had a rough day today. I made a decision to lease a space for our new business, The Catapult Project. I had looked at space all over downtown Carmel. I put a LOI (Letter of Intent) on a space I thought was perfect. I bid fifty cents higher per square foot than the other two ‘bidders’, but was told that the owners of the building decided to go with someone else.

I had a backup plan and, although it was “ok”, it wasn’t my first preference by far. Nonetheless, it was on Main Street and seemed to get some foot traffic. I met with the landlords and, over the course of a week, talked through all the items we needed to and had a handshake agreement on terms. Finally, a new place to call home!

That’s what I thought, anyway. Yesterday I get a phone call from a nice lady that said she heard I was looking to rent a space and she wanted me to come see it. I said, “No.” She persisted, I said, “No.” More persisitence and then I thought, “What do I have to lose? It’s a one minute walk out my door.” I was there in five minutes.

The building was in a nice location and would get, in my opinion, the same amount of foot traffic and drive by traffic as the other location, but it had two and a half times the other space in square feet, would require no renovation and had two “apartments” I could lease out or let my two kids live in. It had a two car garage, which I really could use since I have downsized from a house to an apartment in the last week…it really was a better location for our new business.

The dilemma then is, does a verbal agreement and handshake hold up in the moral court of law? Did I do something unethical by not signing with the original landlord? Do I feel bad?… YES, this is the second time  that I had talked through a lease with the same person but then found a much better deal/location. I signed nothing. They have no legal ground to stand on. But morally, do they?

I have thought about it and I think they do. I would not want to be treated that way, nor do I treat my clients that way. But on the other hand, Fat Atom has deals with clients all the time that throw around numbers, proposals and statements of work, investing sometimes eight to ten hours in meeting time….and the deal doesn’t go through for one reason or another. And sometimes even after deals have been signed and paid for, people change their minds… None of this sat well with me of course, but it wasn’t personal, it was business.

So as I wrap up this diatribe of mixed emotions, I am trying to find a lesson in all this. Is it better to sometimes break a verbal agreement for the greater good of your business? My gut tells me yes, but I still don’t feel any better.

Six Reasons to Quit Your Day Job

As the saying goes, “There are two sides to every coin.” My last post discussed why you should keep your day job…so now you get the other side. I once had an analogy for a company I worked for; the company was a beautiful cruise ship with a great crew but the rudder was broken and the captain was drunk (guess you can imagine I didn’t stay there long).

If you have ever felt that way, maybe it is time you stop complaining and do something about it. Becoming an entrepreneur sounds hard, but I believe, with the right plan, you can accomplish anything.

1. You’re unemployable.

Job jumping stinks. If your resume contains more than two pages of job history, maybe you should look at starting your own business. Society tells us to work for someone from 9 to 5 for 25 years and then life will be good. If that sounds as terrifying to you as it does to me, you should be an entrepreneur.

2. There is a need for what you want to sell.

Identifying a niche product or service is important but you don’t have to recreate the wheel. Many new business have been started because an existing business has poor service or quality; another is started that trumps it.

3. Money isn’t everything to you.

Yes, there is more to life than money. Being an entrepreneur doesn’t guarantee anyone a millionaire’s bank account, but it might give you their lifestyle. Taking time off when you want or working the hours you desire sometimes is more important to people than a fat paycheck.

4. You’re young and single.

Let’s face it, being a family man (or woman) has its challenges. Priorities, in my opinion, should always be placed on what is best for the family. Having said that, being young and single is the best time to venture out on your own. Not only are your expenses going to be less, but your time investment can be more substantial because of your lack of commitments.

5. You desire to “be the man”.

Some people just want the ball. They thrive on pressure, excel in battle and when beaten to a pulp, they can wipe off the dust and get back up without having to be coddled. Sound like you? If so, you’re gonna love being the man.

6. You love sales.

Let’s face it, everyone is selling something…and if you are good at it, why do it for someone else’s benefit? If you have a tattoo that says “ABC” on your arm you very well could be the next Mark Cuban.

All Business Is Leadership

Whether you know it or not, whenever you call a plumber, dine out at a restaurant, or go out to movie you are looking for leadership.  We all have a little time in our short lives to become experts in something, but we can’t be experts in everything.  The quality of life we experience today is that we have learned to rely on the expertise of others to show us what we need, how to fix something, or how to have a good time.  When it comes down to it, everyone is looking for leadership.  Your business will live or die on your ability to lead.

The Customer Isn’t Right, They Don’t Even Know What They Want

If you really think about it, we don’t even dress ourselves.  We rely on clothing stores and fashion media to tell us how to dress.  Sure, we pick out which of the available styles we will associate ourselves with, but we are still being led.  Imagine if clothing stores were just stocked fabric and then asked us, “What clothes would you like?”

When referring to clothing, this need seems obvious, but in more service oriented businesses this understanding starts to fall apart.  Consultants and contractors hang themselves by asking clients, “What do you want?”  The point is, clients don’t know what they want, that is why they need you!

Learning to Listen and Lead

The Consultant’s Haiku:
Tell me what you want
Tell me what you can afford
Here is what you need

When you are starting with a clean slate, the imagination is limitless… and expensive.  Customers don’t know what things cost in your area of expertise, and they don’t know what is hard and what is easy.  All they know is that if they “just had _____” life would be better.  While it may seem like people are demanding and unrealistic, usually the problem is that they simply aren’t experts in your field.  The key to listening is t0 hear the core necessities behind all their wants and wishes.

A good consulting relationship starts with, “I can’t give you X, Y, and Z within your budget.  However, I am hearing that you really need Y.  Also, you are really going to need A in order for Y to work.”  Now you are meeting the need, being the expert, and leading the relationship.

Actions after Car Accident

Actions after Car Accident
It’s expected annually highway crashes are growing. In fact, reviews display the greatest monster on earth to accident. It’s the one and only raising the amount of automobiles to the freeway to-and-fro.

Speak about a collision, really what triggered the freeze about the freeway? Potholes street situations, uneven and slick, the problems are the health of tired driving, drunk, driving exceeding the proposed pace less lively cars, along with, or through the traffic to become the trigger.

Of the three causes, typically one of the most prominent reason behind the crash or at most of the due to driver negligence itself. In case you make certain that the healthiness of your system in a situation match before operating presented these situations, it’d be sensible. Make sure you marginalize the automobile to get a minute to sleep, if in route you’re feeling extremely tired.

But occasionally, although it has extremely careful crash however can’t be prevented. Below are a few methods when you have a little too moderate collision as possible do.

The next phase will be to quickly get the closest police place to require support, particularly when you’ll find deaths. Additionally it seeks to demand a declaration which you genuinely have a collision.

Record the event. Offered out of this website, motor insurance organizations can usually demand data including pictures or films that you simply certainly experienced a collision. Thus, be sure you record others, site, target, license plate amount, yet the automobile.

Contact the insurance provider. When a collision is always to instantly contact the insurance carrier actions you must do. Usually, each corporation will give you occasion for 3 x 24-hours from your occasion of the occurrence. You’re able to contact the closest branch office, when the incident happened beyond your metropolis.

Smartphone Features

During the time being, smartphone is actually a preferred and common electric merchandise. A lot of people are thinking about buying this system. Having a smartphone that is furnished from the newest technology permits visitors accessibility web rapidly and quickly, get amusement, and to speak. Individuals can perform different issues, including:

Talking. Certainly, smartphone is an efficient interaction advertising currently. This device helps someone that could be situated in another area or nation to be contacted by individuals. Actually, by opening web, people may talk through video calls and social network websites, like Facebook, Journey, Facebook, Instagram, and so forth.

Adding images. There are numerous smartphone users who employ their system to get their images. Subsequently, these images are uploaded by them at their social-network website balances or boards. They often get photos with words and different models. Their uses are to attract their friends’ interest or even to have some fun.

Acquiring numerous providers. Smartphone useful for discovering numerous companies is made by easiness in opening web. By way of example, if folks wish to rent a car, they simply must seek out car-rental firms, like DaCentro.

Hearing audio. Among the easy methods to eliminate boredom and discharge anxiety is hearing audio. For this, smartphone is normally built with a defeat sound that’s top quality audio and it is simple to handle. They could get new tunes via web rapidly, if folks are bored of playing the identical melodies.

Think about you? What does one frequently do together with your smartphone? Can you also like performing those activities above?

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